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High Quality Components



Overhead Material Handling can design a material lifting solution customized to your business’s specific needs. Overhead cranes are a proven way to increase productivity and provide a safer work environment. OMH designs, builds, installs and services a variety of overhead cranes and crane components. Overhead cranes can be designed to various spans and capabilities to fit your existing building. Contact us to get a quote on your overhead crane project.



Jib Cranes have the ability to lift and transport materials within the working radius of the crane. Jib cranes can be floor-mounted, wall-Mounted, or portable. Freestanding jib cranes can move material 360 degrees around their support structure. Wall mounted jib cranes can allow a rotation of approximately 200 degrees. These types of cranes allow for the quick and efficient transfer of materials to adjacent workstations. Contact us to discuss the different options in capacities, types, and sizes of jib cranes so we can customize to your overhead lifting needs.



Gantry cranes can be a cost-effective alternative to overhead bridge cranes. Overhead Material Handling offers a full range of Gantry Cranes for any capacity, size, or budget. They can be fixed height or adjustable. The need to lift smaller loads may only require a hand-pushed gantry crane while the need to lift larger load requirement may require a motorized option.



Overhead Material Handling has designers on staff that can create a custom runway for you. We are able to design runways to attach to your existing building or manufacture free-standing runways that are completely isolated from your building. If you need additional capacity to your existing crane, we can reinforce your current runway system to meet your needs. Contact us to have one of our designers start your project today.



Overhead Material Handling can acquire parts for all makes and models of cranes. OMH has inventory of many universal parts which enables us to get your crane up and running quickly. We provide a wide range of chain and wire rope hoist models and sizes that have the speed and capacity you require. We will work to find you an option that is low maintenance and has high reliability. Give us an opportunity to quote your next hoist or component purchase. We can discuss any installation questions you may have immediately over the phone or if you prefer, send us an email.

  • Crane Scales
  • Load limiting devices
  • Hoist trollies
  • Pendant controls
  • Radio remote controls
  • Brakes
  • Drives


Overhead Material Handling is able to provide a variety of standard below-the-hook devices.  Give us a call to discuss any lifting devices.

  • Lifting Beams
  • Spreader Beams
  • C- hooks
  • Roll Lifters
  • Coil Lifters
  • Tongs
  • Sheet Lifters
  • Pallet Lifters
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